The Side Effects of Over-Testing and How to Manage Them

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Sequence diagram overview and it’s notations

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The most used by me (and my favorite) UML diagram is Sequence Diagram. Implementation designs of each new feature I’m working on are loaded with Sequence diagrams. I mean it, totally chock-full.

Learn how to integrate Package Diagram into your software design

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Consuming wine in my family during a quarantine period has increased significantly. So we are wine experts all of a sudden. “Its flavor is evocative of prunes and apricot.” “I can smell a hay.” Hay, aha!

Component Diagram overview through pizzeria examples

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Think of pizza. The imagined smell of saucy, cheesy, spicy pizza baking in the oven is smashing me. Sometimes you want new toppings, other times, you want a different base. Many different ingredients create it. Each of these ingredients is separate components, but they interact and complement one another. They all exist within the greater system, in this case, the pizza.

Component Diagram

Component diagrams are used to visualize how a system’s components interact (gee!) and what relationships they have among them. For the purpose of UML, the…

UML diagrams brief and Class Diagram overview

In my line of work, I’m often using UML diagrams. Daily, I daresay. Regardless, I never understood the subtlety of the diagram’s components. When to use a full arrow and when hollow, the line should be solid or dashed and which direction it should point. I’m done living in ignorance. So, here I am, about to start the UML diagrams series of articles.

Briefly about UML

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a common software engineering modeling language that is used to solve a wide variety of problems. It’s a “the Common Tongue” of Westeros, for Game of Thrones fans. It helps you specify…

How I implemented the Integration with Third-Party Services using Request Interceptor and Spring Retry Template

Carl Barks painting of Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Disney’s Duck Tales was a classic cartoon series in the early 1990s, at the time when I grew up. If you watched it, you probably just said “Duck Tales… woohoo!” in your head. The cartoon series told the story of Scrooge McDuck (an elderly Scottish anthropomorphic Pekin Duck known as a business magnate and the richest duck in the world) and his three grandnephews. Each episode told us about Scrooge and his companions’ various adventures, most of which frustrated the Beagle Boys’ attempts to steal Scrooge’s fortune.

How I Implemented an Anti-Corruption Layer

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Every family’s got its own chronicle. For the most part, this private past is “caught on tape”. I’m referring to photography. Think about it, were it not for photographs, you’d never recognize what your first birthday cake looked like. The memory of that cake would have faded away if not for the constant reminder. How else would your parents fondly argue about whom you looked like more?

Overview of Strategy Design Pattern

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Swimming pools have finally opened, after almost three months of quarantine. I’m not a good swimmer and prefer the sea to the pool. I do enjoy watching people swim in the gym pool, however. It’s like an intricate clock mechanism that I can watch forever. Each swimmer is a necessary detail in this mechanism. Someone’s going faster, someone else is slower. Someone makes frog-kicks with his leg. Someone spits little jets of water, like a whale. And, the most impressive, the one who jumps out of the water like a Manta Ray and dives again. But all of them constantly…

Overview of Decorator Design Pattern

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I was born in the city, located on the western bank of the Amur River in the Russian Far East. This area is known for its humid continental climate, which is typified by large seasonal temperature differences. Huge differences! The winters there were very cold. Sometimes temperatures fell to -40℃.

Overview of Template Method Design Pattern

As a child, I loved paper dolls. The figures are cut out of paper, with separate clothes, also made of paper, that are usually held onto the dolls by paper folding tabs. The reason I loved them so much was that I could very easily create new looks for my dolls and try them on. My dolls changed their appearance a few times a day. I’ve come up with the new look idea, drawn it, cut it, and voila, the outfit is ready. …

Gene Zeiniss

I am a wanderlust, foody, and wine lover. Well, I’m also a backend developer at FinTech company.

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