Sequence diagram overview and it’s notations

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The most used by me (and my favorite) UML diagram is Sequence Diagram. Implementation designs of each new feature I’m working on are loaded with Sequence diagrams. I mean it, totally chock-full.

In general, a Sequence diagram describes how and in what order objects in our system interact with each…

How I implemented the Integration with Third-Party Services using Request Interceptor and Spring Retry Template

Carl Barks painting of Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Disney’s Duck Tales was a classic cartoon series in the early 1990s, at the time when I grew up. If you watched it, you probably just said “Duck Tales… woohoo!” in your head. The cartoon series told the story of (an elderly Scottish anthropomorphic Pekin Duck known as…

How I Implemented an Anti-Corruption Layer

Every family’s got its own chronicle. For the most part, this private past is “caught on tape”. I’m referring to photography. Think about it, were it not for photographs, you’d never recognize what your first birthday cake looked like. The memory of that cake would have faded away if not…

Gene Zeiniss

I am a wanderlust, foody, and wine lover. Well, I’m also a backend developer at FinTech company.

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